Ruby Collections and Enumerators David Black June 26, 2012 Enumerators – what is an enum? – an instance of class Enum -external iterator -iterates via a specific method on an underlying object ??next method- walk through the iteration and give you the next value the default bound is the each method %w –> converst to […]

Sinatra Book, it’s a quick read: Seem like a really simple version of Rails– A rack based application with lots of common features in terms of routing, filters, ERB…   Here’s a screencast on Sinatra: (free) There is a peepcode on Sinatra: ($) Another paid one here: ($)

Strategy… #look for nouns to start url- unified resource locator map and collect –> returns the results of the operation–> so it uts it into a new array select when you are trying to match something, cannot collect things conditionally # =>{|s| ==song_name} is_a? –> is this an array, this is a validator […]

Avi helped me get my new Macbook Air rolling this afternoon… Ruby 1.8.7 is the standard version that’s loaded on the OS X Lion Some lessons– Xcode did not come loaded with the GNU Compiler Collection out of the box (AKA out of app store). (-bash: gcc: command not found) See: Anyways this had to be loaded […]

(FROM THE VIDEO) diff between each and map (map reduce)- 12min:30 while each will only return to you the array map will return a modified version of the array’s element based on the operation– will save the result in a new array each will simply execute the block another syntax for blocks: do / end […]

Programmer _Why -We don’t speak machine. Coders are not translators. We need to teach the machine to speak like us. There shouldn’t be anything in code that you don’t understand. -Code is composed of the language, the name that you give things -The language is just a bunch of keywords that have reserved meaning (10 […]

I’ve been working on learning for a while now… it’s time to start documenting it.