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Rails 1st Lecture

Rails Lecture I – July 2 How the web works: -the requests we send to other servers have headers with info about the request -you get the response with a header and the body -the body is just text and data with HTML -the communication happens over TCP/IP, namely HTTP – the browser renders the […]

Ruby Collections and Enumerators – David Black

Ruby Collections and Enumerators David Black June 26, 2012 Enumerators – what is an enum? – an instance of class Enum -external iterator -iterates via a specific method on an underlying object ??next method- walk through the iteration and give you the next value the default bound is the each method %w –> converst to […]

Lecture 2 Ruby Lecture Video Notes

Programmer _Why -We don’t speak machine. Coders are not translators. We need to teach the machine to speak like us. There shouldn’t be anything in code that you don’t understand. -Code is composed of the language, the name that you give things -The language is just a bunch of keywords that have reserved meaning (10 […]